Children’s Picture Books

Bobby’s Beach Day

Meet Bobby and join him on a fun packed day at the beach. Bobby’s beach day takes an unexpected turn when he discovers some treasure hidden in the rock pools. What will the treasure turn out to be? A charming story for anyone who loves an adventurous sunny beach day.

The Little Dinosaur

Crack, Crack, Crack. A nest is full of eggs and one of them is hatching. It cracked and cracked and cracked, what could it be that’s scratching? Follow the Little Dinosaur through mud, fields and flowers in the search for his warm and cosy nest.

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Lovely read together book. Beautifully illustrated.

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Harvey Hippo and The Magical Caterpillar

“Hello, what are you doing?”, asked Harvey Hippo curiously.

“You will see”, said the caterpillar…

As Harvey Hippo walks through the thick green forest, he has a wonderful suprise.

What will the magical creature turn out to be?

We absolutely love these books. The illustrations are beautifully drawn and the stories are ones children will love as much as we love reading them.

Beth Chapman

My little boy just loves Samantha’s book. The stories are adorable and the illustrations are fab. We can’t wait for the next book to come out


Omg Logan really loved this book, I had to read it to him 4 times in a row. He loved how he learnt how u get butterflies and the bright illustrations. Amazing book definitely recommend.

Annabelle Tate